Columbia River Sturgeon

Year-round (February – March) Targeting keeper size white sturgeon – 42 to 60 inches, 30 to 100 pounds.

Rates per person
Full Day………..$200
Brandon’s Offshore Vessel……..$220*

*Does Not Include: Steelhead and Walleye & Bass

Note! Sturgeon fishing seasons can vary due to inseason regulation changes by state fish and wildlife agencies. See current ODFW regulations for Columbia River zone.

Season February thru July.
Best sturgeon fishing on the lower Columbia river in Astoria is May through July. The mid river from Longview to Portland is best February through April. The area below Bonneville Dam is best for oversize sturgeon December through January and May through July.

About Sturgeon
In salt water, sturgeon range from Ensanada, Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska. The larger river systems on the west coast host spawning runs. The Columbia-Willamette, the Sacramento-San Joaquin, and the Umpqua are the most notable. Smaller populations can be found in the Russian, Klamath, Rogue and Coquille systems. Populations with access to the sea may or may not migrate and there are landlocked sturgeon in the Columbia River and Shasta Lake.

Sturgeon can live to be 100 years old and are the largest fresh water fish in North America. The sportfishing record fish was caught in The Dalles, Oregon and weighed 900 pounds. All the west coast states have bracketed length requirements for fish taken. For Oregon and California fish that are 4 to 6 feet in length are allowed to be kept, but size limits are subject to inseason changes. Always check the Regulations!

A female sturgeon takes at least 11 years to mature, males somewhat less. Sturgeon do not spawn every year. Spawning takes place during the spring and the fish prefer rocky or gravel bottoms. Up to 5,000,000 eggs are released into the river followed by the milt. The sticky eggs adhere to the bottom where they hatch within 2 weeks.

White sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) can live for more than a century and grow up to 19 feet and 1,800 pounds. With a torpedo-shaped body, large dorsal fin, flat head, bony plates, and whisker-like sensors, the white sturgeon has remained virtually unchanged for 175 million years.

The lower Columbia River that divides the states Oregon and Washington provides some of the best Sturgeon fishing in the world.

May through June is when the big oversize fish move into the Columbia River following the the yearly run of Shad. Bring along your camera, with so many fish you’ll have the chance to fill up multiple photo books of memories to keep for a lifetime.

“It’s truly the thrill of a lifetime to have an 8- to 12-foot sturgeon on the end of your line.” An experience you’ll never forget!”

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