Brandon Glass

Brandon Glass who is a third generation fishing guide is the son of Guide Jack Glass. He was born and raised on the banks of the Sandy River and fished under his father as a deck hand until he purchased his first boat at the age of ten. From the ages of 10-20 Brandon fished for Northern Pike Minnow to support his fishing habit and purchases of his first boats. Before Brandon became a guide in 2006 he worked as a sales specialist for G.I Joe’s in the fishing and hunting departments to learn from the guides who would come and purchase their supplies. After working at G.I Joe’s Brandon then worked construction for two years digging and laying utility pipe until he realized his true passion in life was fishing. It was then that Brandon decided to follow in his father’s foots steps and become a full time guide.

In the first year as being a full time guide Brandon mimicked his father to gain confidence in his fishing skills. In his second year of guiding Brandon branched out from his father and started exploring new waters and perfecting new techniques to become an accomplished angler and a successful business man.

In 2012 Brandon purchased a new style Alumaweld that fishes the ocean and large rivers with ease and comfort. Brandon started offering ocean salmon in 2012 and in 2013 Brandon will start to offer Tuna trips. By purchasing a new boat and expanding his fishing territories while providing his clients with the newest fishing equipment Brandon works hard to make every trip memorable and enjoyable.